Pigman Road

     In Erie County, Angola, New York there is an old and eerie road named Holland Road, but is known as "Pigman Road" by the locals. Not many cars drive by this road especially at night as this is situated in a remote place, but this area is known to have very bizarre and unexplainable paranormal phenomena including the occurrence of a terrifying cryptid and / or apparition. It's unknown what exactly this entity is, but it is referred to as "The Pigman". Some say the Pigman is a ghost whilst others say it is a living axe-murderer that lives in the woods. The area around the road has a dark history that consists of gruesome deaths and a legend of a deranged mutilator with the persona of a Pig. We will examine Pigman Road's past and also the bizarre hauntings and paranormal occurrences that have been reported by people who traveled through this eerie road.

                                                      Sorrowful Past of Pigman Road        …

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